The Shoe Yagan Square


Yagan Square, Western Australia


Cross Design Group 


The Shoe Bar and Café 


Cross Design Group 

Year of Completion



Project Description

The Shoe Bar and Café  is one of the biggest venues at the newly built Yagan Square development, with a capacity of 300.

Benefit to Client

Ensured a cost effective delivery of the project as a result of avoiding costly delays due to BCA non-compliances and reducing the Statutory Approval and Certification timeframes.

Services Provided

BCA Compliance Assessment, Inspection and Reporting Services; and the Co-ordination and Facilitation of the City of Perth’s Statutory Approvals and Certification processes relative to the project.


Acting as the Project’s Building Surveying Consultant to ensure that the project design and construction meets the requirements of the BCA and other Statute Law requirements.